FCI-Standard N°  1 / 28.10.2009 / GB


ORIGIN: Great Britain.


UTILIZATION: Pointing dog.


Group 7           Pointing Dogs.
Section2.1       British and Irish Pointers and Setters, Pointer.
With working trial.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Symmetrical and well built all over, general outline a series of graceful curves. A strong but lissom appearance.

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Aristocratic. Alert with appearance of strength, endurance and speed. Kind, even disposition.



Skull : Of medium breadth, in proportion to length of foreface. Pronounced occipital bone.

Stop : Well defined.


Nose : Dark, but may be lighter in the case of a lemon and white coloured dog. Nostrils wide, soft and moist.

Muzzle : Somewhat concave, ending on level with nostrils, giving a slightly dish-faced appearance. Slight depression under the eyes.

Lips : Well developed, soft.

Jaw/Teeth : Jaws strong, with perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.

Cheeks : Cheek bones not prominent.

Eyes : Same distance from occiput as from nostrils, bright and kindly in expression. Either hazel or brown according to colour of coat. Neither bold nor staring, not looking down the nose. Eye rims dark, but may be lighter in the case of a lemon and white coloured dog.

Ears : Leathers thin, set on fairly high, lying close to head, of medium length, slightly pointed at tips.

NECK: Long, muscular, slightly arched, springing cleanly from shoulders and free from throatiness.


Loin: Strong muscular and slightly arched. Short coupled.

Chest: Just wide enough for plenty of heart room. Brisket well let down, to level with elbows. Ribs well sprung and carried well back, gradually falling away at loin.

TAIL: Medium length, thick at root, tapering gradually to a point. Well covered with close hair, carried on a level with back, with no upward curl. In movement, tail should lash from side to side.


FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs straight and firm, with good oval bone, with back sinews strong and visible.

Shoulder : Long, sloping and well-laid back.

Carpus (Wrist): Flat with front leg and protruding very little on inside.

Metacarpus (Pastern): Lengthy, strong and resilient. Slightly sloping.

Forefeet: Oval, well knit, arched toes, well cushioned.

HINDQUARTERS : Very muscular. The haunch bones well spaced and prominent, not above level of back.

Thigh : Good expanse of first thigh.

Stifle : Well turned.

Lower thigh : Good expanse.

Hock : Well let down.

Hind feet: Oval, well knit, arched toes, well cushioned.

GAIT / MOVEMENT: Smooth, covering plenty of ground. Driving hind action, elbows neither in nor out. Definitely not a hackney action.


Hair :  Fine, short, hard and evenly distributed, perfectly smooth and straight with decided sheen.

COLOUR: Usual colours are lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, and black and white. Self colours and tricolours are also correct.


Height at the withers: Dogs:    63 - 69 cm.

                                Bitches: 61 - 66 cm.

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog and on its ability to perform its traditional work.



  • Aggressive or overly shy.
  • Any dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.




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